June 2, 2014

in the cold i die - in the spring i sprout

This day was so perfect that I think I made it up inside of my own head. It's like a dreamland where I've become lucid and decided to stay + explore. The bright sunshine feels like it's warming my body through to the bone. It's been an amazing spring season, everything is coming alive and for the first time I have my very own backyard to enjoy it from. Recently, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to find a home that has the best backyard I could ever ask for, and with some TLC (okay, a lot of TLC), everything is starting to look great. I'm tremendously curious about what is sprouting + growing in my yard (not super excited about positively identifying poison ivy after I developed a horrible rash on my arm). I'm especially looking forward to sharing my progress with the patch of land that I've turned into my very first garden (I tweeted a before / after photo here!).

The lovely, vibrant colors of spring are an inspiration to everyone. This year, I wanted to truly bring the feeling of springtime to the Honey Pie shop, so I got to work on my new collection of Honey Pie dried flora hair picks. Each hair pick is made with a small plastic hair comb, topped with a one-of-a-kind arrangement of dried flowers, leaves + berries. They are so easy to wear because they can slide into hair that's long, short, worn up or down, and they'll always add a sweet + subtle touch of whimsy to any outfit. You can find the entire collection at the Honey Pie shop, and use coupon code "flora" for $5 off $20 at checkout!

outfit details
dress + hat: thrifed
shoes: target
hair pick: honey pie

xo, Kaley



    1. Aw thank you! I'm going to try to actually stick with it this time. Thanks for commenting Kailey!